Ohtori Choutarou. Please do NOT take

Irresistible, Impulsive, Impatient...

Aestheticism it's just an excuse...

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Ohtori Choutarou. Please do NOT take

☆Coment to be added ☆

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aww..cool barner~~~ do you like prince of tennis??XDD wow...XDDD
umm...may i add you??XD

Thank You~
Yes, I like PoT XD;

Sure, feel free~ I will add You back.

okay...i added you!!!^^
and you're welcome!! PoT is awesome!!! love the anime!!XDD

I add You back~!
Oh, Thank You~ Yes, PoT it's amazing ~

thank you!!!^^

ahh..you're welcome!!^^ yeah....love them lots!!>W

You don't have to thank me,really...
I just hope that You don't get bored here, though ~__~

Yes, I love them too~

haha..but i wanna say thank you for you!!XDDD haha...yes, me too!! i'm anime freak!!XDDD

That made two of us~! XDDDD

how was your weekend?? hope you have fun in this weekend!!^^YAYXDD

Oh, sorry it took me so long...
It was ok, Thanks I hope that yours was a fantastic one ^^

that's ok bb^^
oww..thank you and i also hope for you too^^

May I add you?
I love PoT and make Icon's myself too.
(though my are pretty badly compared to yours XD)

I'll add you back! :D
* embarrassed* Thank You >_<
But mine are just un~ plain? XDDDD
I look at yours and they are so cute! Plus sparkling I Like them~ ^o^b

i'm adding you here!! <333


Ok, Len-len
But why two journals? *just curious, though*

Well, mienai_hoshi is for fandom. meiosei is for the private ones. I'm weird like that. <3

Oh~ *blinks* Ok, then~
Un... do you want me to add the this one too?? *confuse*

Yeah! ^___^ Since a lot of things are written here~ *huggles*

Ok, then... *hugs back*

Hello! :]
May I add you? I like P.O.T. too.


Hello~ =3
Sure, I like POT & BLOOD+ too~
*waves back*

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